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Viva Las Vegas!

We love building tools to help people log in without needing to remember passwords. We also love showing it off whenever we can! We at “Team Key” exhibited Key at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and yes, it was exactly as amazing as it sounds! What a conference! We got a huge rush from meeting people and hearing about their innovative products/ideas. Aside from the attendees, we were thrilled to meet some speakers and investors as well! Many of the talks were amazing, but we were completely blown away by David McCandless on the Builder’s Stage. We purchased his book after right after the event.

Exhibiting Key, and our vision for a password free future, was exhilarating. Many people stopped to chat, see a demo of Key, and snatched our business cards. We managed to take some of theirs as well for an iPad Air 2 giveaway! Unfortunately, the majority of people reading this did not win our raffle (sorry!). Our winner was the one and only John Walter, founder of StockJock!

We hit it off with John and his energetic personality. He’s awesome and we’re thrilled to have him in our network! John is also much more photogenic than Pete.

We wanted to keep in touch with everyone we met, so we made sure to add you to our email list! We won’t spam your inbox or share your contact information with any 3rd parties. If you’d rather not receive awesome email updates, unsubscribe at any time. We will try hard not to hold it against you ;-).

We’re excited to build relationships with other attendees we met at the conference. So feel free to email us with questions, comments, or just to say hi!

Hope your Collision was just as good as ours!

Key Team