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What's in a Name?

“I’m working on Key” always sounded more natural to us than “I’m working at Key”.

“Key” was always our product name but never how we identified ourselves here. We struggled to come up with a group identity for ourselves. We publicly tried:

  • “Key” — Even we were even getting confused between the company and product. 
  • “KeyAuth” — available as a .com, but didn’t flow off our tongues.
  • “Key Authentication” — Apologies to the people we met at Collision!
  • “Marcano Ventures LLC” — I needed to register a company name with the state… this was a solid placeholder.

No matter what we said, it didn’t feel right. We didn’t know how to address our company.

Recently I stumbled across a video I used to love and laugh at years ago. While watching it (around the 5:10 mark), my ears heard a name that resonated with me, “Rack5”. I threw the idea at our team. As a whole, we love it. It rolls off our tongues. It unifies us. It shows our nerdy side. It shows we aren’t just a one-trick pony stereotypical tech startup.

We like it and we hope you do too. We’re currently migrating our email, social media, and website accounts from keyauth.com to rack5.co. Look for us here at rack5.co and we ask to please be a bit patient with us as we make these changes.

Sincerely, Rack5.